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Silver Jewelry Care – Storage and Cleaning

Acquiring fine silver is one thing. Keeping it bright and beautiful is another. However, there's no mystery to caring for your fine silver jewelry. Taking basic care of silver jewelry goes a long way in ensuring that it will retain its form, glow and lustre to be handed down to the next generation.

Store your silver in a cool, dry place that is preferably airtight, to avoid oxidation. Avoid direct overexposure to artificial light or sunlight for long periods. Don't store directly on wood, which often contains acids that can affect silver's surface. Store items in a tarnish-proof cloth, or in drawers with tarnish-resistant strips. Store each item individually, either in its own soft pouch or in a separate compartment of your jewelry box. Do not store silver loose in drawers; scratches will occur if you toss your jewelry into a compartment or allow pieces to rub against each other.

For regular cleaning, it is recommended to use a simple jewelry polishing cloth that is impregnated with special jewelry cleaner. These are widely available and are very easy to use. You can also use soft 100% cotton cloth. If a piece of silver jewelry becomes tarnished, use a paste, liquid polish or a treated polishing cloth to restore its original lustre. Never put rubber bands or plastic directly against the surface of your silver.

It is also strongly recommended to take off your rhodium-plated jewelry when you put on hairspray, wash your hands, shower and swim. Your rhodium-plated jewelry may turn quickly if it meets those chemical substances.